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December 1, 2013
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Tis the Season (for that sweater) by theycallhimcake Tis the Season (for that sweater) by theycallhimcake
Woo, December! I usually draw Cassie in a sweater anyways, but now I get to draw her in a tacky festive one! Even the mug gets a sweater (though that one looks familiar).

I think designing ugly sweaters may be my true calling.

(on a side note, this is my last day as a Premium member, so I'm gonna open the critique thing one last time. :'3 Make it count!)
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You see, Mr. Cake did a very well-done Christmas design with Cassie (his original character) wearing her Christmas sweater which shows that she's very much so in the Christmas spirit. That's very festive, though. The picture itself has such a spectacular design of festive proportions, but Cassie's stuffed rabbit, Humphrey's wearing his favorite Christmas sweater which I deem very festive. It does show that Cassie and Humphrey are quite altogether in a very festive spirit. However, I don't find the Christmas sweaters ugly, I personally find them festive and showing the Christmas spirit. I'm quite appreciative upon the festive design.
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Very nice!

K, so.. in no particular order. The background is nice. It's fancy without being too cluttered. I love the snowflakes. And the colors match all the other really well. That light brown contrasts a lot of the other colors (yellow, green, Cassie's blue eyes, red.) While also serving to highlight and announce the shading in the hair. Very cool.

The colors are great. I really love them. They stand out, and enhance the shading. Make everything snap and pop forward. (Which in a picture like this, that is essential.)

The lineart is also very awesome. Critically, it's very cool how you "flow" every surface. (The hair, the eyes, the nose, hands, and dat sweater!!) Cassie's cheeks pop. Her eyes look gorgeous, and both her and Humphrey are in close competition for best eyelashes ever. (This is all you, bro. You're responsible for this.)

You capture a scene in a still image perfectly. It's chilly, hot cocoa (or coffee) to stay warm. It's a bit nippy and it is the season. There's a festive side. Cassie's eyes immediately tell us there's something more going on, and it's up to us, the viewer to wonder about what. This is great artistically speaking because suddenly without totally realizing it, you've just created another world we can get lost in. And that's gotta be the strawberry on top of this beautiful picture.

You had an image and you stuck to it. It's very clear how controlled and precise this is. So vision is TOTALLY a five stars.

Now, let's get knitty-gritty. (Ha ha!) Sweaters! (See what I did there?)

Jokes included, you had a humourous side here and it doesn't go unnoticed. That tacky sweater is beautifully designed. Critically, I could be like "festive picture, unoriginal!" like some angry gorilla in an equally itchy sweater. But that defeats the point! Because that sweater so totally IS original. You had fun with this and made it your own. Yes, holiday sweaters can be tacky and ugly and cliche and overdone. But how did you handle that? You embraced it by the horns and made it your own. Very well done. Indeed. Originally 4 and half stars.

(Nyum, that gingerbread cookie looks good enough to eat. WHY IS IT A SWEATER AND NOT REAL?!)

Artistically wise, it's very beautiful. I love the red. It's vibrant and faded at the same time. The snow along the tip of the bust serving to swell out the bosom and really pronounce Cassie's size is stupendously well done. And the lines for the cleavage and the [under-bosom? O_o] is a very nice touch. I see those breasts and just go "Wooooow."

There's no illusion to how awesome a sight those are to behold and I think that was the point. So... impact? What do you think? Any more of an impact and I'd be physically getting hit with this picture.

Sweater on the cup is a nice unique flair. I like it.

If it's not already clear, your technique is superb. You know what you're doing.

Love it. Fave.
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Whoa smoking hot and nice huge boobs! :D
supermadman12 Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she's super cute in that sweater :3, love it
Looks like she is witnessing an awkward conversation during Christmas dinner.
Very nice tacky festive sweater!  I hope no one else borrows it later or they'll find alot of room has been stretched out in front of it XD
Hippinite Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dat sweater! 030
So fancy!!!
CmdrNIX Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That is a Cosby sweater! A COSBY SWEATER!
Yay for holiday sweater! : D
the colouring on this is really nice! You're improving a lot!
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