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September 28, 2013
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A Girl, a Doll, and a Zebra Cake by theycallhimcake A Girl, a Doll, and a Zebra Cake by theycallhimcake
I wanted an official Cassie and Humphrey wallpaper, so this'll have to do for now. :3c I went for a kind of faux-messy sort of look, and I think it worked out well enough.
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another great development for your characters cake!

The layout is a really well chosen for your goal of creating a wallpaper :) placing the your characters on the right, as to least likely be obstructed by icons in the default format of a windows based operating system.

The lettering font is very well suited to the soft and cuddly nature of the narrative you've developed for them. Their roundness and smooshed-togetherness just says hugs and and comfort, and coincides the twin icons of soft roundness they both share, in cass' plush chest pillows and in humph's big ears.

I love the way you've used the colors we recognize as belonging to each of them for both the top border and the plushy-dash border around the letters. The yellow for Cassie and pink- purple for humph, and further emphasizing their connectedness through the color gradient. Then the blue of the letters brings to mind Cass' collar, the medium through which the two become even closer through their head swapping =P.

This is not only a good wallpaper, but an all round great introductory page for your characters. The font is so well integrated it gives me the feeling of title more than it does just an identifier of their names. One of the first things I thought of when I saw this was it being perhaps the final frame of an opening sequence for a Cass and Humphrey cartoon :) or maybe a cover for one of those wide format children's books =p. lol although i'm not sure society would be ready to accept Cassies large bust with all the oversexualization of breasts currently present but I think its a heck of a more realistic scenario than toopy and bino =P well despite cass' head coming off and sharing her body with humph, but that certainly has alot of metaphorical base to it :).

Nice decision using Cass' pigtails to reach out under the letters , it really helps unify the text and the characters into a singular descriptive work, rather than keeping the characters forms in a dedicated side of the image. Also the way her hair wraps around their little circle of green performs an interesting action in designating a sort of "spotlight" area or like in :iconthefwank: 's comment, an "impromptu playpen". That set of associations also lending to the idea of presentation of the two , sort of adding a sense of exclamation to the title, like "here's cass and humph!" :). This Especially works with their outlooking expressions implicating the existence of the viewer.

Along that same line of thought we get to see their characters when faced with a stranger, cass' reserved and sweet caution and humphs dynamic assured, big sis like attitude as cass' comfort and protector, lol despite being teeny tiny :).

Oh yes the zebra cake! Lol and the most plausibly empty overturned box. Along with adding significant amounts of moe to Cass' personality having her nibbling away at it like a squirrel :D. It really does add some more humanity to her showing her weakness for sugary sugar :).

As for improvement , I had to really work to find something here with the amount of care you've put into the piece, and aligned with your current style its nearly perfect. The one thing that could perhaps do with some tweaking is how the Cass' rightmost braid is positioned, specifically between the 3rd and 2nd braid from the end. I feel like the turn taken is a tad to extreme for such a mass of hair. I'm thinking it might look better if there was a more gradual turn instead of such a sudden change in direction. Perhaps orient the turn of the braid similarly to how you did in your "coffee in the park" image. Also the distance between the 3rd and 4th braid seems just a bit too far and disjointed. Lol of course, these are very minor aspects of the piece and besides them there's nothing I can see that would need much change, although with your vision and knowledge of your own characters i'm sure you could find way to improve it that are beyond be.

I really appreciate your work a lot for the its recoding of the breast into something, attractive but not entirely sexual. It's a strange but exciting playful approach to what is attractive, not to say that your work is entirely sexual, but that it offers a very different basis for attraction that is warm and approachable and friendly in contrast to the hyper "erotic" understanding of what we have come to associate attraction with.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for these two, they always manage to make me smile :D!
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Strangerataru Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Vanilla and works.
LITDStudios Sep 30, 2013  Student General Artist
gotta love zebra cakes!
Xanafar Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Each pic of Cassie looks better than the last. You have plenty of potential man. Keep doing the good work.
aww ^^ so cute!
This is so cool not even all the Zebra Cakes in the world could pay for it. ;)
fastbreak333 Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I wish I was brave enough to make this my wallpaper. XD
TheDevaiant Oct 27, 2013
Same here.
Yay wallpaper! : D
I think it looks great. Especially love the way her braids make a kind of impromptu playpen. :3
Once again Cake, you blow my mind.
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