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It's a bit of a random mess in here... watch out for boobs and detachable head shenanigans. I draw other stuff too, so don't be COMPLETELY scared. : D

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Cassie and Humphrey Gifts and Trades

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Do you like Cassie and Humphrey pics? Can you simply not get enough? Well, there's a ton more in here, drawn by some amazing and awesome people, whether it was from trades of gifts... The order is a little mixed up, but they're all there! Be sure to drop some of these folks a watch, too!
I've been getting a lot of notes, daily, asking the same questions (usually after each drawing). So I'm just gonna post this. : D Also, I'm gonna go ahead and toss up a "Firm and not exactly nice Cake" warning up here, because it's causing me a bit of stress at this point.

"Are you open for commissions?" No, sorry. If I was, I would've announced it. On Tumblr, most likely.

"Do you do requests/can you draw so and so?" No. Please stop asking this. Seriously. I don't want to be rude about this, but after being asked so many times, I have to be firm about it. You'll notice I don't respond to messages asking for requests at all anymore, because I don't do them. There are plenty of other artists who freely take requests, and I'm not one of them. Sorry.

"Can we do an art trade?" This one is touchy for me. Art trades are very rare for me, and I don't really have the same time to do them left or right. I often trade with friends nowadays, and not much more than that. I feel a little bad about it, because I've gotten some notes from new, up-and-coming artists who want to do a trade with me, who remind me of myself when I first joined a couple of years ago. You can still ask if you want, but understand that I'm kind of a busy guy.

"Why don't you ever draw Cassie naked?" I made her two years ago with the intention of keeping her SFW, and I've stuck with it. I'm perfectly fine with doing NSFW stuff, but not with that character. It doesn't fit her personality to be NSFW, and I just plain don't wanna see it. I'm okay with pin-uppy stuff to an extent though. If you've known me for awhile you know what sorts of things to expect. Also, I am not easily swayed or convinced when it comes to bending or changing this stance.

"Do you RP?"  Yes. But only with certain people, and I never seek out to do so. It just happens when it happens, and is in no way, shape, or form anywhere on my agenda. So in a general sense, no. Also? I may answer certain questions with Cassie drawings, but I have no intention of RP'ing as her. I have been asked, and I feel very, very uncomfortable doing so. 

"You draw for other people all the time, why don't you draw my character?" I draw for three reasons: Because I want to, because I want to for a friend, or I want to because I'm a fan of a character/design/artist. No one is entitled to a drawing simply because someone draws for other people. Now this may sound really odd, but you'd be surprised how often this happens, where someone presents me with this question. No.


As far as notes go, let me tell you: I fret notes. I used to have a sort of mixture of anxiousness and excitement when I got them, but, after getting at least 7 or so, DAILY, asking the same things, I reeeeeally put off checking them. Because it's almost like work now. Going through, saying no, answering questions. If you have a character question or whatever, I'll try to get to it. If you ask for a request, I'm going to ignore it. If you just wanna send a compliment or a nice note, I'll still appreciate it a lot, even if I don't answer it right away.
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Hi there. I'm Cake, and I draw huge boobs. 'w' Hope ya like what ya see.

There's all this and more on my Tumblr, so don't forget to follow there/check from time to time.

What's better for panties? Polka dots or stripes? 

276 deviants said Stripes!
41 deviants said Polka dots!


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Tomorrow is my birthday.
can you send me a postcard for my birthday,please?
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I found your DA. >3>
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Cake, JJVanHossen banned me from his page after I asked him for a request, once. After waiting for some time, he replied: Im not you are just moaning about requests from me. Get off your high horse. Actually just dont come back to my page again lol.
See what I mean, people like him go full retard everyday and need to grow up
Obsidiron Featured By Owner 5 days ago
You know what Cassie reminds me of? Nerrissa, from The Wolf Among us. Not in the sex object kinda way (lololololol...), but in the way she doesn't like to talk about her "condition". And the head removal thing.
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I like your artwork and all, which is why I watch you, but... Where on earth is that webcam image from? 
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I'd make up a reason for why I like your artwork which doesn't mention the awesome characters and great style... But you and I know that wouldn't work.
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how come I wasn't watching you D:< *fixes that*
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Hay Cake? Do you ever do art streams or have any tips for drawing? I just got a tablet and I want to draw more stuff. I could really use the help.  
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Your art is adorable :heart:
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