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It's a bit of a random mess in here... watch out for boobs and detachable head shenanigans. I draw other stuff too, so don't be COMPLETELY scared. : D

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2014 Christmas Couch Collab by theycallhimcake
2014 Christmas Couch Collab… Did a collab with some art buddies. : D

Check the link to see everyone involved. This is the unshrunken, uncut version that was too big for everywhere else, but NOT DA, NOPE

In terms of all of this art stuff, drawing, posting online, I’m sure a couple of you have noticed somewhat of a slowdown. In an ideal world, I’d like to get at least one thing done a day, or at least consistently enough to where I don’t feel like I’ve failed the day because I couldn’t draw the thing, or whatever. But, er, that’s not the case lately. I’m having this issue where I’m conflicted about certain things, as well as  a consistent art block I seem to run into every two days. But, I’m not gonna spend this time complaining… moreso just to let everyone know exactly what’s ticking in my head at the moment.

By the way, if you’re normally just an artist and don’t care about text posts, I’d like to ask you to take some time and read this one, because I’d really like as much opinion as I can get.

A constant internal debate I seem to have with myself is about where I’d like my style to go, in terms of technicality (lines, shading, all that fun stuff) vs style (dynamics, graphics, flow). 

On one hand, tight, clean work seems to be a testament to how skilled someone is, since it requires a lot of rigorous attention and focus to get certain things right. Anatomy should always be something to improve on no matter what, but I’m moreso referring to cleaner/thinner lines and shading. Whenever I put out work like that, people seem to like it. It certainly requires a lot more effort on my part, since I’m really not that great with lining, and I’m more or less happy with how it comes out. But, to be frank, I find it somewhat exhausting that way. I’m not an amazing art machine like some folks… as much as I like drawing, it can wear me out. I know that’s not something that’s good to say as an artist, but I’d rather be honest with myself before trying to fix the issue… any ideas, uh, let me know…

On the other hand, I’m a HUGE fan of flowy, dynamic work. Some of my favorite artists go this way, and to me, they have some really exciting, entertaining pieces. It’s a great mix of technical skill and personality that, to me, trumps exactness and cleaness. The anatomy is good, but more attention is put on the FEEL of the pic, usually through a series of artistic coloring and natural, yet exciting poses. If a picture of your character sitting on a couch sparks that “ART” wire in my head, then I feel like it’s really something special.

For me, I can usually relax a lot better if I use the marker tool to draw, and do it quickly. I have three modes: horrendous messy sketching, quick lining which I call a sketch, and slow lines that require me to crank up my stabilizer like a mofo. A lot of the things I post that aren’t perfect are usually mode two, and are probably the easiest for me while having something to present. I don’t like to RELY on it too much, but sometimes it’s what my brain/hands can do. I feel severely handicapped because of this, bringing up lots of nasty confidence questions and whatnot. I often worry about whether or not I’m putting out something impressive enough, as well as whether or not my friends like/care about what I do. But, those are related to some validation issues I need to stomp, and that’s a different topic.

When you run into what feels like art block nearly every other day, you tend to think something’s wrong. Frankly, that’s been me these past few weeks. I sometimes snap out of it and draw something, only to feel like I’m immediately back into being blocked. I don’t really know why this is. I worry about whether or not I’ll be able to put out decent content some days, or even any content at all. I’ve noticed a problem I have is that I nowdays rarely have a clear idea as to what I wanna do when I start on a piece, often rolling with the punches. Everyone who’s actually SKILLED has told me the same thing “Oh, I just imagine exactly what I want, and do it.” I don’t know why this is insanely hard for me lately, but I’d really like that to… not happen anymore. Nothing comes easy, but it currently feels nonexistent, and getting something done now feels miraculous, as opposed to normal.

I feel kinda bad when I put out something that’s a marker doodle, because I feel like I’m letting myself down in terms of what I’m capable of, as well as what my audience expects of me. I also feel like I’m letting down my friends, the people who cheer me on for even the most mundane things. 

I’m not really sure what to do at this point. I know “keep trying” is the default answer, and I don’t plan on keeping SAI closed for more than a day… but it’s WHAT I should keep trying that makes me feel stuck. I don’t know what I want, I don’t know what my audience wants, and I don’t know what my friends want… in terms of style/technicality.

So, I’d really like some thoughts on the matter, if you could take the time to let me know. Trust me, the whole “just keep drawing” thing doesn’t seem to relate to the problem, and “Just do what makes you happy” isn’t how I like to operate, since I want to actively improve as well as enjoy myself.

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Mr. Cake
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Hi there. I'm Cake, and I draw huge boobs. 'w' Hope ya like what ya see.

There's all this and more on my Tumblr, so don't forget to follow there/check from time to time.

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